This is the day of the after picture.  See the difference, it is a huge contrast between the old setup. The main reason why I got rid of my old TV, VCR, and DVD setup was that the conversion of Digital TV forced it’s hand upon me.  I had two converter boxes already and thus used up my coupons, and couldn’t get another coupon for a third TV. I went ahead with this idea in my head. I always had this idea to do this, but I wasn’t sure if this would work, and so I took the plunge, and it work a lot better than I  had expected.

The Computer Desk over Treadmill is just a desk to put the keyboard and mouse on top of it while one is walking on the treadmill. The LCD computer monitor is in front,  and the computer is on top of a gray bookcase. It’s a great way to exercise without thinking about it, and I walk and surf the web all at the same time.

New Computer Setup

New Computer Setup

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