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Energy Consumed and Expended

I have been out looking at exercise gear the past couple of weeks. I saw a lot of great stuff. While looking at the boxes the gear was packaged in and noticed that almost every box had some advertisement or statement that suggested some beneficial effect of the equipment’s use on the user’s body weight. This is in addition to fitness benefits derived because of the product’s use.

The exercise gear user’s body weight is a direct result of energy (food) consumed or not consumed. The exercise and exercise gear is not necessary for any weight adjustment activity nevertheless it does help. It offers some degree of appetite control when attempting to modify body weight.

The Facts Are Straightforward

  1. If the user consumes more energy than expended the surplus is stored as fat (body weight increases).
  2. If the user consumes less energy than required, surplus (body fat) is used as an energy source  (body weight decreases).
  3. If the user consumes the exact amount of energy as expended then there will be no energy gained or used (body weight remains the same).

The energy input (food and beverages) is what determines the outcome as stated in the above declarations. Exercise has a place in this activity but only to the extent of supplying the calorie-burning exertion to equalize or burn off the not needed calories. What’s more, the physical activity diminishes the desire or the desire that something must be eaten (appetite control). To put it differently, exercise or physical activity is the difference between control and feeling hungry.

Exercise or Physical Activity

Some authorities argue that physical activity is all kinds of body and/or body part movement that burn calories. Because of the movement calories are burned. Sweeping the floor, washing the car, or raking the garden are a kind of physical activity.

However exercise is defined as physical activity that is well thought-out and repetitive. But most physical activities can be thought of as being well thought-out and repetitive also. The only difference between the two is that something that is repetitive is also thought to be boring. Exercise is a higher level of physical activity and has a greater boring ability factor. The greater boring ability factor of the physical activity the more the activity can be classified as exercise.

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