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We’ve been using the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill for over a year now.  It does what it is suppose to do, but there are certain things about it that we find annoying.  I have proposed another concept which mounts the keyboard on a shelf (desk) that allows movement of the keyboard away from the treadmill control console.

This is to allow the user access to the treadmill control console when use of the keyboard is not necessary. This also allows the treadmill’s tread to be folded up to save space during cleaning and storage.

I’ve already completed the prototype and am now testing it.  I will get some photos and video to show you details of one neat setup.

The ComputerDeskOverTreadmill is a Lifestyle change, it’s about blending and disguising exercise into your life while doing the activities and entertainment that you love to do while saving time.  If you are an experienced fitness buff, and you try the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill.  Exercise is no longer a separate commitment. You can combine exercise, entertainment, and/or office work and get three times as much done.