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I do not have a lot of time to learn Programming. I need to be efficient in what I want to learn in order to solve problems. One problem that I would like to be able to solve is to get my Epson multi-page scanner to work in Ubuntu Linux. I have tried some of the drivers in Epson and that didn’t work, but I haven’t tried it on my Dual Boot Windows 7/Ubuntu Linux Computer. Another goal is to learn enough web programming to be able to change my website and to understand the underlying code. Oops, that may be too vague of a goal to achieve. I am achieving another goal of creating a digital archive by scanning most papers that I have collected over the years using my Epson multi-page scanner, and that has worked very well. It is very nice to go through these files and see these papers digitize whenever I need to bring something up. It is nice to have a history, and some of it may come on in handy someday without taking up physical space. I also need a way to be able to easily search through the files without being reliant on Adobe Acrobat. I know now that my goal is to do a little bit of each task each and everyday. I can’t do everything at once. I need to practice my rusty math skills as well.

By the way. Joyce Akiko was talking to Erik Tautman about how hard it is to understand the patterns and puzzle of programming. I could relate to this as I am intimidate by getting started and diving in. I now I am going in far more than I can imagine. What they talk about is right up my alley, I love to be creative, and to solve problems, and understand patterns and this is what consists of programming. I have some basic goals underneath this paragraph.

  1. First is to practice Math
  2. Learn the Fundamentals of Programming through
  3. I will write in the Coder’s Diary blog every single day

I also didn’t realize how sloppy I was when I coded. I am doing the Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals with Simon Allardice Chapter 3 Numbers and Variables Work with numbers Programming. I was doing one of the exercises and it wouldn’t work and I kept looking at it, and I made a spelling error. I had sloppy coding, I better be careful as it happens to everyone. More in this Coder’s Diary to come.