Old Cell Phone circa 2007 New Cell Phone circa 2016

Old Cell Phone circa 2007
New Cell Phone circa 2016

Some thoughts before and now after using my SmartPhone. It is a mixture of anticipation of what was I thinking before, I love my SmartPhone.

I can’t believe it, I just bought a SmartPhone. It is an Alcatel One Touch Pixi Glitz Android Smart Phone. This is my first smart phone. I have had my old phone since 2007, and I got new number as well because it is time to move on from the old number. It takes me ages to learn new numbers. I hope I will be able to memorize it. It is pay as you go, so I am not paying for an expensive contractor on a month to month basis. It is kind of scary getting this phone, I know I am going to be addicted to my phone because I can check my e-mail at any time and text message all the time, it is kind of hard to type on this phone as the keyboard buttons are tiny and I have big hands.

I will keep my old phone for posterity and show my kids and grandkids what old cell phones use to look like, but this cell phone was not one of the first cellphones, it isn’t a brick like the one that Zack Morris used in Saved by the Bell. This phone was a transitional stage changing the way we communicate for better or worse. Worse in the sense that most people merge and become one with their cell phones, the scary thing of singularity, our minds blended with machines, and better in the sense that life is more convenient, with SmartPhone, I won’t need to print any Google Maps from my desktop printer, and try to figure out navigating to a new place with a piece of paper. I can on a whim find it on my SmartPhone. All of this is so exciting, it was scary to take the leap, but I did, I am glad that I did, and it is so much better now.

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