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Receipts and Places that are no longer there

Lately, I am getting rid of more things and stuff that I don’t need, and I feel great, I am getting rid of books, and old board games, puzzles, and things that I bought as a kid. As in the situation with books, most of them turn a really awful color when the books get old because the paper is made with an acid, these books are not made to last. I am only going to buy e-books from now on perhaps with the exception of an art book. My goal is to get rid of more things that I don’t need. I am paring things down to the bare essentials.

The main reason is that my family is going to remodel our house, and we are going to tear down one of the rooms of our house.

It is kind of nice going through old receipts and all of the old computer games that my Dad bought me way back in 1994. I can’t believe that so many were bought in that year. It is pretty amazing to go through the receipts and remember the old places where the games were bought. Those places that sold the games are no longer there and even more interesting to see what is there now.

We went to department stores such as Montgomery Wards, paper supply company Kelly Paper, Bookstores such as Borders, Crown Books, Bookstar, and B Dalton Booksellers and Computer Stores such as COMP USA, and Computer City which no longer exist. We hardly go to the Post Office, never go to Kelly Paper, and very rarely to Home Depot anymore. We use to have film cameras, go to the store, put the roll of film in an envelope to develop which would take quite sometime to develop, not an instant like with digital cameras on smart phones, then paste on Facebook and/or Instagram. All of this can be done in a flash.

It seems like a lot of the receipts that I am going through, most of all those things are outdated looking back today, we don’t even own half of that stuff on those receipts, and it was a waste of money to buy. The only receipts that I would save for now are the ones indicating a game purchase as it indicates the date and location where those games were bought. The nostalgia of going to the computer game store to buy games is what is missing today. GameStop doesn’t compare to Computer City, COMPUSA, and the myriad of small independent shops that sell Computer Games. It is the end of an era and the start of the beginning of a more streamline, organized life. The banishment and the end of clutter and junk in my life. That is what I am looking forward.