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Reading Books

I get restless sitting down for long periods of time, but I love to read books. I love to read a good book while walking on the Treadmill. It’s fun, I get a great workout, all while being engrossed in a great story, and most of all I’m doing two things at the same time.

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The Versatility of the Computer Desk over Treadmill also known as the C-DOT.

I go on the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill sometimes over 2 or 3 hours if I am watching a really good movie that I am really engrossed in it. This is in addition to the  other things which take  additional time. I spend an hour or two answering or communicating e-mail. And as I wrote before I also spend time with the computer games.

I probably should tell you that my ComputerDeskOverTreadmill is associated with a specific computer. That is I have only one treadmill and other computers without treadmills.

While watching a TV commercial for a piece of exercise equipment, one of the participants in the commercial exclaimed the she could burn 800 calories in 30 minutes while using the machine. Tom who was in the room with me exclaimed, “So what? I can eat 1,000 calories in 10 minutes!

Long Ago And Far Away

It was Long Ago And Far Away in a country on the other side of the planet “Earth” that a nutrition concept was reaffirmed.

Physical activity or exercise is not a governing or absolute factor in weight control. As Tom puts it, “Eating is.”

Tom walked into the Company Headquarters’. There he met two gentlemen that were in the process of putting together a detached service team. They outlined what the team was up to and invited him join.  Four or five months of playing football full time and still getting paid sounded like a fun thing.

The work was strenuous and intense getting into shape and learning all the plays. Each day in the morning the team was given a break and Tom would go to a coffee shop nearby and eat some Danish rolls and drink a cup of coffee. It was a good life. That is until Tom and his teammates noticed that Tom’s spare tire was getting bigger and bigger.  Here Tom was doing all of this physical activity training with the football team and he was gaining weight. The coach noticed the weight gain and rearranged Tom schedule so he could not ever get to the coffee shop again.

About a week later (while scrimmaging) a teammate fell against Tom’s leg. The doctor said that it was a “spiral lateral fracture of the tibia and fibula.” This put Tom into the hospital for about six months. This was an interesting experience because it involved lying around in bed with no physical activity. Tom lost about 50 pounds while going from 240 to 190 pounds. Nevertheless Tom still devoured everything he could get his fork into but they didn’t give him anything. There was no way he could get to where there be food.

The answer to WHY may or may not be found at .

The reason I say, may or may not, is because I’m suggesting that the number of calories you consume is related to your current weight.

Calorie Count

Energy Consumed and Expended

I have been out looking at exercise gear the past couple of weeks. I saw a lot of great stuff. While looking at the boxes the gear was packaged in and noticed that almost every box had some advertisement or statement that suggested some beneficial effect of the equipment’s use on the user’s body weight. This is in addition to fitness benefits derived because of the product’s use.

The exercise gear user’s body weight is a direct result of energy (food) consumed or not consumed. The exercise and exercise gear is not necessary for any weight adjustment activity nevertheless it does help. It offers some degree of appetite control when attempting to modify body weight.

The Facts Are Straightforward

  1. If the user consumes more energy than expended the surplus is stored as fat (body weight increases).
  2. If the user consumes less energy than required, surplus (body fat) is used as an energy source  (body weight decreases).
  3. If the user consumes the exact amount of energy as expended then there will be no energy gained or used (body weight remains the same).

The energy input (food and beverages) is what determines the outcome as stated in the above declarations. Exercise has a place in this activity but only to the extent of supplying the calorie-burning exertion to equalize or burn off the not needed calories. What’s more, the physical activity diminishes the desire or the desire that something must be eaten (appetite control). To put it differently, exercise or physical activity is the difference between control and feeling hungry.

Exercise or Physical Activity

Some authorities argue that physical activity is all kinds of body and/or body part movement that burn calories. Because of the movement calories are burned. Sweeping the floor, washing the car, or raking the garden are a kind of physical activity.

However exercise is defined as physical activity that is well thought-out and repetitive. But most physical activities can be thought of as being well thought-out and repetitive also. The only difference between the two is that something that is repetitive is also thought to be boring. Exercise is a higher level of physical activity and has a greater boring ability factor. The greater boring ability factor of the physical activity the more the activity can be classified as exercise.