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You should only buy and use a treadmill whose manufacture supplies you, it’s owner, with an user’s manual which in addition to directing you with education or guidance on how to use your treadmill which also provides you with precautions and warnings to avoid risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to persons. Seek your physician’s direction and consul.

It is your responsibility as owner to ensure that all users of your treadmill are adequately informed of all warnings and precautions as described in the user’s manual.

The user’s manual takes precedence over any suggestions, information, opinions, or ideas on this website.

I received a post card from ‘Little Company of Mary Hospital” of Torrance, California inviting me to a free lecture about specific tests and treatment of key imbalances which may allow doctors to develop strategies that could be of benefit to the patent. The post card headlined “Are You Silently at Risk?”

“You may feel healthy, have great energy and “never get sick,” but physical health may not always match your body’s internal biochemical health. In many people who feel healthy, silent imbalances in the body can lead to a progression toward Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, and premature aging . . ..”

Most if not all exercise manuals point out the important exercise note, “Before starting any fitness or exercise program, consult your physician.”

In view of the above comments it is possible that we could arrive at the conclusion that it is particularly important to persons with unknown pre-existing health problems in addition to persons with known pre-existing health problems that some sort of professional medical advice, comment and/or intervention could be beneficial. In other words everybody should see some professional certificated identity (physician) for his or her blessing or advice before proceeding or entering onto a treadmill or any other program.

Did you remember to get your doctor’s advice before you gained all that weight?