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It looks like to me in that I was going to dive in an learn Up and Running with Python with Joe Marini, but then the Video tells me that if I am new to Programming that I should start with Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals with Simon Allardice. I am going to go over there and learn the basics, I am not going to skip over the foundations. I learned my lesson in other subjects that I have studied, but unfortunately I didn’t even know that I didn’t even have a proper foundation in that subject. The hardest thing in the world to overcome is being unprepared, skipped the important steps, and not having a direction. He also tells me to check out JavaScript Essential Training with Simon Allardice. I am on Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals with Simon Allardice and I am watching it while I type this blog entry, fortunately I have two screens which gives me the ability to multitask very effectively, and efficiently.

I am starting from scratch here with this lesson. I have written some code, but I want to get those fundamentals, I am working on Windows 7 right now, but I have a dual boot computer with Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. “Programming is a deep subject,” said by Simon Allardice.

Wow, I am on “What is a Programming Language video?” There are many programming languages and some are popular, and some are not, almost a bit kind of like High School. I always knew that a Computer processes just 1 and 0s only, but the programming language is the bridge to that machine code which would be indecipherable to mere mortals. There are Low Level languages such as Assembly which I will not get into at this time, but High Level Assembly languages such as JavaScript which I will be learning later in this class.

This great to let everyone know how I am progressing, don’t worry, I am going to finish this class, and if I don’t understand something. I will watch the video over and over again. I am going to live, eat, breathe, and dream of code.