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I was reviewing what I wrote previously about hiking in the trails while thinking about playing a computer game and I noticed I didn’t expand on reasons for playing games on the computer.

Developing the ability to see, think and react fast when an occasion calls for fast action is one reason. Also as part of that reason the ability to think and then react fast is another. Gathering knowledge from playing computer games allows one to know what is going to happen if certain actions are performed. Beside, games are fun to play.

Physical Exercise for the sake of physical exercise is not fun. Thinking about it is boring as well. If you really think about the reasons for this attitude, could it be because the results from this activity take so long to accrue?

Sitting down and playing computer games  is not very good for your health or butt. One of the justifying  reasons why computer games are good for you is because of brain-hand-eye coordination. The results are instantaneous.

Let me tell you about a little hand-eye coordination that I did. I did a typing test while walking on the treadmill at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour and the results of the test indicated that I typed 74 words per minute.

If you were to combine computer games with the treadmill instead of sitting down playing the game, and you start playing with them while on the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill. You are combining hand, eye, and leg coordination all together.  A sound mind equals a sound body all at the same time.