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Walk and Draw at the same time! Walk and Draw on the Computer Desk over Treadmill also known as the C-DOT. I prefer to Walk and Draw at the same time, rather than sitting and drawing because I am healthier, more creative, and most all of more productive. Instead of setting aside exercise in a one hour block, I am combining it to get my projects done, and have never gone back to sitting and drawing ever again, neither will you.

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The Versatility of the Computer Desk over Treadmill also known as the C-DOT.

I go on the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill sometimes over 2 or 3 hours if I am watching a really good movie that I am really engrossed in it. This is in addition to the  other things which take  additional time. I spend an hour or two answering or communicating e-mail. And as I wrote before I also spend time with the computer games.

I probably should tell you that my ComputerDeskOverTreadmill is associated with a specific computer. That is I have only one treadmill and other computers without treadmills.

It’s hard to keep up with some people because they walk so fast. One recommendation that many have recommended is to walk with friends. You may be the slowest or the fastest within your group of friends when walking.

With the ComputerDeskOverTreadmill, you can go at your own pace (especially if you are not competitive), without a buddy, and be motivated by reading on the computer an e-book, surfing the web,  watch a movie, and/or play a computer game all in the privacy in your own home.

Would you start a walking group today?